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    • GandaEka your moderator here :D
    • How many B's, could a Batta bat, if a battaB battered a B?
    • BattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaBattaB
    • High Fidelity is first and foremost, a casual guild.

      However there is a standard of which we expect all of our members to adhere by, and is applied to all current and potential members of the clan, to better the experience with each other.   What is Expected of You? Be a decent person. We don't expect everyone to get along 100% of the time, but if you're constantly causing issues among this community, your time here will be short-lived. Consistent attendance for scheduled raids, if you have signed up to join said events. (let an officer know in Discord ahead of time if you are unable to show up) To come prepared with fully modded gear, proper weapon load-out and sub classes set up properly. Willingness to undergo a short trial period. Know your class and play it well. All members are to uphold honourable actions while representing the clan. Refrain from disrespecting fellow players of your game of choice. Private messaging of Abuse, GG EZ, all of this immature garbage, end it or take it somewhere else. If it comes to light that you have  ignored the rules, you will be promptly removed from the clan or your application denied. All potential recruits are required to create a thread, and fill in the questions as is follows. This will give us consideration over your application and help with the recruitment process. Submit an Application: Battle.net Tag Discord Tag Current Light Level and Raid Completion Experience Tell us about yourself FAQ How long will you take to review my application? Our recruitment officers will revert to you within the next 1-2 days. Who can I speak with if I have further questions? Contact any of our Officers via Battle.net chat at: Robstar#1439 Devin#11238 GandaEka#1258 Alternatively, you can reach us directly on Discord at: Robstar#1439 Devin#11238 GandaEka#1258 Is there a trial period? Yes there will be a trial period of 1-2 weeks during which your performance will be assessed. Likewise, it is the perfect time for you to assess if this is a place you want to call home.
    • If you already have Discord, skip to step 3. Step One: Downloading Discord Go to: http://www.discordapp.com and navigate to the downloads page. Alternatively, you can use the links provided below. Windows Mac Linux - Please go to the downloads page and choose between deb and tar.gz as a type of download. You can also download Discord for your mobile phone. It supports Android and iOS.
        Step Two: Create a discord account The username you choose doesn't have to match the forums, But the bot will change your nickname to match forums once you have permissions. If you need to change your forum name contact an Officer for assistance.
        Step Three: Go to https://discord.gg/8hR3q9W
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